Legal Aspects of Live In Relationships- Look Before You Leap

Whether couples treat Live-In relationship with the seriousness of a marriage has to be tested on the groungs mentioned above. But in the eyes of the law, Live-In relationship is not a funny business and there are rights, duties, and liabilities attached to the same.

Are You Saving Whatsapp Screenshots as Legal Evidence? Wait! Read This Before You Do.

Recording each other's phone conversation Saving screenshots of WhatsApp etc.wherein allegedly promises, secrets, threats etc. are communicated electronically. Taking Chat Back-up to 'prove' your point on a later date. Are these legal evidence in the court of law in India? Read on....

The Difference between Fundamental Rights & DPSP and Similarity too

Q. I have a funny doubt. Can a citizen demand the government to obey the DPSPs? I wonder whether the DPSP's are also my rights? My ANSWER: For most students of law and constitution, it is common knowledge that Part 3 of the Constitution deals with Fundamental rights, while Part 4 of the Constitution deals … Continue reading The Difference between Fundamental Rights & DPSP and Similarity too

Violence Against Doctors-The Society Can’t Afford To Allow It

Violence against Doctors is primarily due to the regressive mindset of the society who liken earning money to be evil and immoral. Doctors are supposed to be paid professionals. They have a choice to do or not to do social service like any other profession.

Medical Negligence – Medical Professionals need to be Trusted—-AGAIN!

Medical negligence cases are on the rise . Are they? Is the law related to medical negligence being misused. Most of the misuse is because both the patients as well doctors are unaware of the legal procedures and ingredients of medical negligence.

Maintenance to a wife under Section 125 Criminal Procedure Code

A woman who has been divorced by her husband on account of a decree passed by the Family Court under the Hindu Marriage Act, continues to enjoy the status of a wife for the limited purpose of claiming Maintenance Allowance under Section 125 Criminal Procedure Code from her ex-husband.

Residence Rights Of The Daughter-in-Law

The matrimonial rights of a daughter in law in India especially Hindu Marriages include even the residence rights in her matrimonial house but is it the same as the rights over the in-laws house as a title?This is the grey area of Domestic violence Act 2005 which needs to be understood clearly.