Art of Advocacy- Arguments


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Whenever you hear the word “argument”, you should also remember three other words namely “claim”, “support” and “warrant”.


When you say “Prosecution Witness No. 7 is not reliable, he could not have seen the incident”, then this is your “claim”. This is what you claim to prove.

When you point out to different parts of evidence to show “How he could not have seen the incident”, this is your “support”. .. This is how you support your claim.

Then a question from judge comes, “Therefore what?”

Then you have to show that “Prosecution Witness No.7 is the only witness which claimed to have seen the evidence. There is absolutely no other evidence to support the prosecution and therefore, the accused ought to have been acquitted”… This is called “Warrant”… This should follow from Claim and Support.

This is how an argument should be made.

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DISCLAIMER: Through this article, we wish to help those who are in genuine need of help and are willing to understand the law. This is not a solicitation, advertisement or a substitute of professional legal advice. It does not create any client-attorney relationship.
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