Who has the rights over the last rites of Karna after his death?  Is it the Pandavas- who after his death, came to know that Karna was their brother? Or is it Duryodhana- whose Chief commander and the best friend was Karna? Mahabharata is the source of several dilemmas and questions which can rattle … Continue reading LEARN LAW FROM THE MAHABHARATA- PART 1: KARNA’S DEATH

Can An NRI Buy Agricultural Land In India?

Continuing Our Series-Expert Tips To Property Rights Of NRI And PIO. We Will Today Find Out-Can An NRI Buy Agricultural Land In India? Answer: NO An NRI is an Indian citizen for almost all practical reasons, although he is not residing in India owing to his occupation, business or job requirements. Therefore practically he doesn't … Continue reading Can An NRI Buy Agricultural Land In India?

Practice Notes For Young Lawyers- What Is A Robkar?

Do You Know-What Is A Robkar?

There are many legal procedures and terms used in our courts which most of the lawyers have not read in any books in law colleges. This information 'reveals' itself during practice in the courts. This series helps young lawyers speed-up their learning curve. Watch out for this space.

BAIL OR JAIL? 10 Factors Which The Court Considers While Granting Bail

Bail is the release of a person who is under arrest or who has already appeared in court, in exchange for a promise to appear in court whenever he will be asked to appear.what are the crucial factors which the court considers while granting or dismissing a bail application.

The New India

Spent an evening with Sh. Ashwini Choubey, Member of Parliament and Hon'ble Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India for a meeting on the advances and improvement of health services/ infrastructure of India. Impressed by the massive dedication of the Hon'ble Minister towards the cause.

Facing Arrest By The Police? 5 Vital Rights You MUST know.

Vital Rights You MUST know if Facing Arrest By The Police Are you or anyone you know, facing arrest by the police? Use this information to protect your rights if arrested by the police. Rights and Laws You Must Know To Protect Yourself If Facing Arrest By The Police  You have the Right to […]


Can you imagine every Indian man and woman over the age of 18 years, attending compulsory military training?

Many nations including Singapore, Israel and Switzerland have compulsory military service.

So can we implement something like this in India? Will it be of any benefit? Are there any drawbacks of such compulsory services?

 Let us argue both sides of the coin about Conscription

Did You Know About Your Right To Remain Silent

Indian Constitution and that of U.S.A allow the Fundamental Right to Remain Silent to Protect from being incriminated in law.
Under Indian law, the principle has been given Constitutional status by incorporating it under Article 20(3) of the Constitution. It says:No person accused of any offence shall be compelled to be a witness against himself.